Algologie draws inspiration from the sea and produced from France. It has been ranged for almost thirty years through a wide range of natural and innovative cosmetic products adapted to all skin types.

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Vine Secret:  Vine secret is a range that takes care of your skin differently. Whether it’s for mature skin or young skin, this range uses the great vines of grapes. It's a natural way of looking after your skin, for more radiance and to gain its fragrance and texture.

Fleur De Mer- Acne/ Blemished, Dehydrated/dry skins:  The difference?

From Algologie, This is made in Australia. Products that are sea based but produced rightfully in Australia. Products such as- Sun blocks, rich nourishing moisturiser, light nourishing moisturiser, normalizing moisturiser, fruit acid moisturiser and enzyme peeling moisturiser are classified in this range.

Sun block- This sun block was voted no.1 Australian sunscreen. Its light in texture and it contains vitamin E. It protects your skin from UVA, UVB. Having an SPF of 30+ - It protects your skin and water resistant up to 3 hours. Comes in clear and tinted, Why spend so much money on a foundation plus a sunscreen, when you can do both for a more natural look.

Rich, Normalising and light fluid moisturisers- These moisturisers are specially formulated for different skin types. Different textures for different skins. Each giving your skin the benefits it needs.

Fruit acid moisturisers, Enzyme peeling moisturisers- These moisturisers are beneficial for your skin especially after one of our acid peel or enzyme peel facials. Each containing a percentage of the enzyme and fruit, it helps clients to maintain their skin at home, while feeling as though you're getting the full benefits of a facial.

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Minerologie is our makeup range. Founded from America, minerologie introduces a makeup range that is natural and beneficial for our skin.

The reason Mineralogie chooses to use minerals in creating its makeup is because they are pure and good for the skin. They leave the skin looking radiant and flawless time after time.

Minerals are pure because they are free of talc, starch, perfumes, and other unhealthy substances found within traditional cosmetics. Mineralogie also uses vitamins A & E in their foundation, because they work as natural anti-oxidants – which help protect the skin from pollutants and keep the skin looking young and fresh.

Minerals do not clog pores and give the skin a natural looking glow. Minerals are so light and pure that the skin can breathe and sweat through them! Mineralogie makeup is healthy enough to workout in!

Their lipsticks are saturated with mineral pigments and loaded with antioxidants, our lipstick and lip gloss deliver moisturising colour that stays put! Endless shades are available in sheer, matte and shimmer finishes that provide long lasting colour and protection.



The one and only 100% Olive oil concept.

Olivella products are 100% VIRGIN OLIVE OIL, has natural anti-aging properties, natural antioxidants and free of animal fats, free of colorants and its derma-logically tested. Made and founded in Italy, Olives has been well known for its properties and its benefits in olden and modern times. Now they have produced its goodness in essential products that we can all use, from soaps, hand cream, shower gels and lotions.

The Olivella liquid soap and gels is an innovative product, specifically studied for any type of skins, particularly indicated for frequent usage. An extremely delicate cream for hand’s care with Virgin Olive Oil, improves skin’s hydration, nourishes deeply, leaving the skin soft, without any sort of greasy feeling, protecting the same skin from external agents aggressions

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OPI was founded in 1981 in the U.S. Formaldehyde has never been an ingredient in OPI Nail Lacquers or Nail Treatments.

OPI is a well known nail product that has come to an extent of wide range colors and shades. OPI does not contain the harsh ingredients that cause our nail to stain, its light in fragrant and lasts up to a week on our nails.

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Other Body products

Tea tree- We stock professional body care ranges that look after our body and is beneficial. We stock the Tea tree lotion and Tea tree wash, this product is designed to act as an antiseptic and alternatively for sunburns, minor cuts and abrasions, releasing ingrown hairs other essential needs. We ideally use Tea tree as a soothing/antiseptic lotion for after epilating (waxing/electrolysis).

Mancine - Hand and body lotion that’s specially formulated to sooth/ nourish skin. Alternatively can be applied to sun damaged or wind exposed skin providing a calming relief.It contains ingredient such as- purified water (aqua) and soy bean oil.

Riffi body mitt- (Wellness factory) made in Germany, this mitt is used as a general body exfoliating glove/product. It stimulates circulation, invigorates blood flow, results in smoother, clearer, better toned skin. It even helps combat cellulite, prevents callous and releases ingrown hair. Super hygienic and is durable through the Riffi original fibre.

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